Hear What Our Students Are Saying…

Austin L.

“STR Profit Academy is the only course you need and a far better value than the other ones we have taken. The STR Profit model taught in the course and the subject material provided were exactly what we needed. This course was like rocket fuel for our business.

” The STRPA Course is great so far and very thorough! I’m very happy with it. I’m absolutely loving the course…” 

Janet B.


“I wanted to share a win with the group. Today I signed my first cohosting agreement to secure my very first property! A special thanks to our coaches Eric D. Moeller and Jasper Ribbers for all the knowledge sharing and continued support along the way. I’m very grateful to be a part of this community 🙂

“Today I spoke to a room full of realtors( almost 30 of them)!!!! I’ve wanted to do this for years. Thank you, Jasper & Eric, for the push/support to go after this” 


Amy R.

“I can honestly say that investing in the STR Profit Academy was one of the best decisions we have made. The course is far more comprehensive than the other course we are taking and features unbelievable resources that will set you up for success. Eric breaks everything down so you cannot fail unless you fail to act.

“Short-term Rental Profit Academy has been fantastic! Comprehensive, Very Informative, organized and motivating are the words I would use to describe your program. Thanks for helping me as I have grown tremendously from it.” 

Don C.

Josie Grundy

“Short-term Rental Profit Academy literally saved my short-term rental business! I started GuestPlease just over a year ago, after helping some friends rent their cottages. Although I made more money that I ever had, my rapid growth & learning on the fly with several course corrections, brought me to the point of burnout. I was about to close down my business that I had put SO much work into. Thankfully I found the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy. 

Eric and Jasper are amazing mentors who provided me with the tools, resources, a sense of clarity, a supportive online community and ultimately the confidence to not only keep my business going, but also to scale it! I’m grateful to feel excited about GuestPlease again. I highly recommend joining STRPA!”