Built For ANY HOST, ANY SIZE Who Wants to Start or Scale a Profitable Short-Term Rental Business
Built For ANY HOST, ANY SIZE Who Wants to Start or Scale a Profitable Short-Term Rental Business

Systems.  Marketing.  Profit.  Mindset.

[ This is what we know to be true... ]

The largest transfer of wealth are in times of change and uncertainty.

FACT: More people became millionaires during the great depression than any other time in U.S. history.
Position yourself to be one of the few that comes out of this crisis stronger than where you started. Be part of the largest transfer of wealth in the hospitality industry ever in history.
 NOW is the best time to become a professional host! ]

"That is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. 

Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize opportunity."

Learn & Master The "6-Figure Host" Method
How to START and SCALE a Short-Term Rental Business to Over $10,000+ Per Month


Before we help you scale, we have to first lay the foundation.

We help you:
  • Understand how to secure other people’s properties to rent out on Airbnb
  • ​Simplify everything you are doing
  • ​Free up your time with the right systems & technology
  • ​Teach you money-making marketing techniques for your listings
  • ​Hire the right people to take action on your vision


Here is where we help you make real money in your hosting business.

By focusing on your systems, standards, and customer service we help you lay the foundation to grow your business to a world-class hospitality company that creates memorable experiences for your guests.

By this point, we’ve optimized the value you create for your travelers and streamlined the process which will give you more money and time to enjoy it.


You now have more momentum, knowledge, and systems than ever before in your business...but do you have the mindset to accomplish real financial success? 

Now, more than ever, it’s important for you to build a mindset of success.

In this section, we help you acquire the mindset needed to acquire the financial freedom you are seeking. 

Why Join the STR Profit Academy:
  • Imagine generating an extra $1,000 to $10,000+ a month in recurring income from the skills and strategies you learn directly from this course.
  • Imagine building real estate wealth without owning or leasing any property.
  • Imagine being able to spend more time with family & friends by automating your business through our proven systems.
  • Imagine being able to run this business remotely, from anywhere in the world, from a laptop.
  • ​Imagine developing the mindset to SCALE your business and find the opportunity in today's crazy markets.


You have a short-term rental business that is struggling and you are ready to scale and make a profit.
You are just getting started and you are ready to build a real short-term rental business.
You want to develop REAL streams of income NOW.
You want to have control of your STR business and your income no matter what the economy does.
You want to develop an STR business you can work ON vs IN.
You want to cut the learning curve and implement a proven process that will show you results FAST.
You want a community of other short-term rental hosts along with leadership from experts in the STR industry to mentor you along your path.
You want to future proof your STR business and ensure that nothing, including a recession, will stop you from sharing your passion for hospitality with your guests.
[ Here’s Everything You Get To Scale Your Profitable Short-term Rental Business with STR Profit Academy... ]
  The Short-Term Rental Profit Academy (STRPA) Course: 

Step-by-step online training on starting, managing and scaling a successful 6-figure Airbnb business.

STRPA teaches you everything you need to know, A-to-Z...  from the Business, to the Hospitality, to your Mindset.
Take a Look Inside STRPA:
  • Introduction to Short-term Rentals
  • Business Preparation: How to Structure Your Business Like a Pro.
  • Market Knowledge: Understand How to Study Your Market & Markets Around the World.
  • ​Building Your Dream Team
  • ​How to Locate Listings: Find and Structure the Right Airbnb Deal
  • ​Setting Up Your Listing & Technology
  • ​Hosting & Hospitality: How to Ensure Raving Reviews and Returning Guests 
  • ​Direct Booking Secrets: How to Get Direct Bookings
 Accountability Success Systems:
  • Weekly accountability
  • ​Stay on track
  • ​Measure your progress
  • ​Achieve your goals
  • ​Proven System
  • ​Understand what actions to take next
  Automation Freedom Courses Bundle: 

SIX EXCLUSIVE mini-courses and step-by-step guides on HOW TO fully automate your Airbnb business with technology, freeing up more of your time.
 "My First Profitable Listing" Video Training:

How to make more money and increase bookings on Airbnb by understanding the customer's journey.  
 Tools and Resource Center: 

Plug-and-play scripts, spreadsheets, systems, and tools saving you hours of research and development.
 Private conversations with our mentors.  

This is how we learned the business!  You'll hear conversations with HGTV star Than Merrill from Flip this House, HGTV star Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict, Netflix star Peter Lorimer of Stay Here, Best Selling Author, Hotelier and Strategic Advisor to Airbnb, Chip Conley, and 20+ other Airbnb and real estate experts.
BONUS: TWO FREE tickets to our STR Profit LIVE In-Person Event 
(San Diego, CA 2020)
$2,000 Value

That's not all... 

It's important as you start and scale your short-term rental business that you are not in this alone!

We're Here For You!

We're Here For You!

Along with the STR Profit Academy Course, you also get 12 months of the Short-Term Rental Inner Circle where you'll be working directly with Eric Moeller & Jasper Ribbers LIVE!
[ Your STR Inner Circle Membership includes... ]
[ Private Facebook Group Community ]
You will get access to our Private Facebook group allowing you to connect with other short-term rental profit hosts and have the latest of what's happening, what's working and the ability to get advisory, quickly. 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee From Date of Purchase
Is it ok if we over-deliver? :)
Join Now and You'll Receive Exclusive Training By:
Airdna.co (Understanding the Data Mini-Course)
Understand how to study the data in your market so you can make better more educated decision on your current and future Airbnb listings. In this exclusive training, we will teach you how to use Airdna.co data tool to become an EXPERT with the data. From pricing to occupancy to understanding the best properties to target.
Properly (Cleaning Management & Automation Mini-Course)
Hiring and managing the right cleaners for your Airbnb’s is one of the most important aspects of running a successful Airbnb. In this exclusive mini-course, we teach you how to find and hire the right cleaners, create seamless checklists and fully automate your cleaning and turnover process with the Properly tool.
Smartbnb (Automate Your Messages Mini-Course)
Messaging your potential guests, current guests and communicating with your vendors is the most time-consuming part of your Airbnb business. With Smartbnb we show you how to fully automate your messages freeing up 80% of your time to focus on income producing activities.
Wheelhouse (How to Price Your Calendar for Maximum Profits Mini-Course)
Learn how to price your calendar on a daily basis to maximize your profits on your Airbnb listings. Wheelhouse is a dynamic pricing tool that takes all the guessing work out of your calendar. In this mini-course, we teach you how to use the Wheelhouse tool to streamline your calendars and maximize bookings.
Noiseaware (Party & Noise Control Mini-Course)
Never experience another party or loud guest again. In this mini-course, the Noiseaware team teaches you the best practices to prevent parties and loud guests at your listings with their state of the art noise monitoring tools.
Proper Insurance (Everything Insurance for You & Your Listings Mini-Course)
Understanding and buying the right short-term rental Insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make as a host. In this exclusive mini-course, Darren Pettyjohn from Proper Insurances gives you the tools and knowledge to better protect you, your listings and your property owners.

[ To Recap... Join the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy Today and Get Instant Access To: ]

The Short-Term Rental Profit Academy (STRPA) Course
Accountability Success Systems
Automation Freedom Courses Bundle
"My First Profitable Listing" Video Training
Tools and Resource Center: Get the tools and systems you need
Private conversations with our mentors
Access to our Private Facebook Group Community
RISK FREE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Whether you have no units or 100+ units, the Short-Term Profit Academy will help you in building and scaling the short-term rental business of your dreams.
Questions?  Text us at 1-858-408-6262 or email us at connect [at] strprofitacademy.com
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