Eric D. Moeller is the co-founder and CEO of the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy (STRPA).

He is also know as the host of the Airbnb Mastery Summit, where he personally interviewed top experts in the STR industry. 

Eric grew up in New Jersey, and has had a passion for real estate his whole life, and he purchased his first property at the age of 19.

In 2016, Eric made the move to sunny San Diego to launch Homtel, an short-term rental, leasing, and investment company.

Eric specializes in hosting unique homes and using technology to streamline his operations. 

Jasper Ribbers is the co-founder and Chief Student Happiness Officer of  the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Jasper is well known in the STR industry as the author of Get Paid For Your Pad, which is widely recognized as the leading resource on Airbnb hosting.

Jasper has been renting out properties on Airbnb since 2012 and currently owns units in three different countries. He also manages a boutique hotel in Egypt. 

Eric and Jasper came together in 2019 to launch STR Legends, a mastermind for large short-term rental operators. 

They realized that there was a need for education in the STR industry and decided to join forces to create the Short-Term Rental Profit Academy.

 The vision behind STRPA is to change the world by empowering hosts to deliver outstanding hospitality experiences to their guests.

 Some of the core values of the company include:

  • Be better than the gap
  • Always do the right thing
  • Discipline equals freedom

STRPA students not only rave about the learning materials, but also about the positive and open environment that Eric and Jasper have created to allow students to connect, learn and grow as a community.